Counsellor – Lorraine Langridge

When you’re refreshing your website, you might want fresh images too! Standing out online in a crowded marketplace can be tough, so your online presence needs to be strong enough to attract your ideal clients or customers. Visuals count because they say so much about your brand. You may think portraits don’t matter because it’s not about how you look. That’s true, except that portraits do help to build a connection and establish trust, particularly is service-based industries.

Branding images don’t just have to mean portraits though. A photo can stop you scrolling and grab attention. That’s what you need! You don’t want your business to miss out on custom just because you don’t have scroll-stopping photos to spark their interest.

Here a few images from counsellor and acupuncturist Lorraine’s business. How much more can you tell about her business from these images than if she just used text, memes, quotes, or generic stock images in her advertising? You get a far greater sense of who you’re hiring and what to expect when you work with Lorraine.