“You’ve done an absoutely incredible job! I’m in love with them!!! I’m so over the moon! Your beautifully soft style is stunning and you just know my branding so well! Thank you so. much yet again, such a pleasure to work with you!”

38 years ago, my mum made a Christening gown for me from her wedding dress, so when Jen from Little Pip England asked me to photograph the Christening outfits she made from her client’s wedding dress, I was keen to see how they turned out.
And OMG, what a beautiful job she’s done here! I just can’t think of a better way to love your wedding dress than this. I can imagine these garments becoming heirlooms for future generations.
I’ve really enjoyed this project!
I urge everyone to get in touch with Jen if you’d love something like this. She’ll even package up the remaining fabrics so you can store them as a pretty keepsake. It’s all the little touches…