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The Circus - Business Branding Photography

"I am sooooo pleased with the photos you have taken for us. Thank you so much. There is not a bad one there! These are excellent!"

The Circus is a graphic design company based at Chatham Dockyard, headed by Danny Waters. You know that person you genuinely admire professionally? Well, for me, that's Danny. He has incredible vision and that rare ability to actually bring that vision to life. He asked me to capture some 'in action' shots of his trendy offices and team in preparation for their new website in the pipelines.

I was heavily pregnant at the time, in fact just a couple of weeks away from my due date but I couldn't turn Danny away because I love business and branding photography. I was under pressure here because branding is what they do themselves! I love to delve deep into a business' ethos and help business owners to communicate their message to their target audience, ultimately increasing leads and sales.

Here are some highlights!




Nicola Dowley – Branding

Nicola Dowley – Branding

Nicola Dowley - Branding Nicola is a former Black Status Younique Presenter now branching out with a business partner in her own venture, Brand By Design. You definitely want to find out about Nicola's approach in life, which is called Human Design, offering an...

Counsellor – Lorraine Langridge

Counsellor – Lorraine Langridge

Counsellor - Lorraine Langridge When you're refreshing your website, you might want fresh images too! Standing out online in a crowded marketplace can be tough, so your online presence needs to be strong enough to attract your ideal clients or customers. Visuals count...


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