Yvette Craig | Headshots

Yvette Craig by Kate Hennessy Business & Branding Photographer
Yvette Craig by Kate Hennessy Business & Branding Photographer Instagram Headshots
Yvette Craig by Kate Hennessy Business & Branding Photographer
Yvette Craig by Kate Hennessy Business & Branding Photographer
Yvette Craig by Kate Hennessy Business & Branding Photographer Instagram Headshots
Yvette Craig by Kate Hennessy Business & Branding Photographer

Interview With A Multi-Hyphenate

I first knew of Yvette as a Wedding Photographer. When I entered the industry professionally in 2013, I knew she was one of the big players. I was proud to shortly join her in winning an award for my wedding photography at ‘The Kent Wedding Awards’.

Little did I know that our paths would cross in-person a couple of years later at a photography trade show where her gorgeous branding instantly drew me in! Her multi-hyphenate lifestyle will be great source of inspiration to many of you out there who may be struggling to decide which career path to follow…

You see, more recently, Yvette has branched out into graphic design, offering branding and website creation. Initially, other photographers (myself included – hey, how do you like my site?!) were her main clients. Today, she sees myriad business owners wanting to step up their game and stand out with an amazing new website.

Yvette also has a background in interior design and, my goodness, her house is to die for!

We chatted for ages and I totally admire Yvette for mastering several careers and making such a success of herself even in spite of a severe back injury.

I am thrilled she was happy to answer some questions for my blog about her inspiring multi-hyphenate lifestyle as a Mum & Grandma | Photographer | Interior Designer | Graphic Designer (and probably a bunch of other things too, knowing Yvette)!

Firstly, if you’re wondering whether YOU might be a Multi-Hyphenate, check out my blog post, When Your Life Doesn’t Turn Out The Way You Imagined where I discuss the merits of not following a conventional career path, inspired by author Emma Gannon’s book, The Multi-Hyphen Method.

So, over to Yvette:

1. Reflecting back on your career journey so far, how does it make you feel?

I am exceedingly proud of all that I have achieved! When I think back to my childhood, every school report said I would never amount to much. My birth father said girls are meant to be housewives and look after babies and clean the home and cook… so that coupled with the fact that I have dyslexia made me determined to show the world what I could do.

2. Why did you switch disciplines throughout your career?

I hated school and I honestly believe that it was the worst place for me at that time in my life… however, if I were to go to school now I could literally be anything I want to be, even a brain surgeon!!

The one thing that got me through school was the creative subjects and this had been something that has always been a part of my life. My absolute LOVE is interior design, I can literally walk into a house and in my mind knock down walls and redecorate before someone has asked what I want to drink.

When we lived in Canada I worked for an interior design company and loved going into peoples homes and helping them transform a room, and my initial plan when we moved to the UK in 2002 was to open an interior design business, however, after careful consideration I decided that Kent was possibly not the best place to pursue that, which led me towards photography.

It was in 2015 after I had surgery on my spine go wrong and forced me to give up photography, I had two options, sink or swim, that was when I looked at all the things I can do and move into web and brand design.

3. What are you most proud of in your career to date?

There is no single one thing but I do love what I am doing now and I am proud that against all the odds I successfully managed to create a global brand with clients all over the world.

4. What major challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

With my photography business it was having a successful business in a saturated business and deciding to do fewer weddings for more rather that join everyone else in offering cut price weddings and hating every moment I was there!

The biggest challenge however was when my surgery went wrong and it became apparent that I would have a permanent spinal cord injury and that I could forever say the world owes me a living or re-write my own story and do something else… 

You have to be prepared to take risks in live and not dwell on what you had.

5. What key influential factors do you feel have most contributed to your success?

My own attitude of mind!

6. What do you think it takes to succeed in self-employment?

You have to be determined to take risks and be prepared to fail.

7. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in setting up their own business?

If you can run your business along side a full time job until you have built up a successful business then do, go part time when the time is right, charge the market rate and not a part time rate, as you will find it so much harder to increase your prices at a later date and do not take a penny from the business until you are ready to go full time, but re-invest in training and equipment, so that when you are ready to go full time you have everything you need to be a success.

8. What’s the biggest tip you’d give others for achieving success in their careers?

Charge what you are worth and believe in yourself.

9. Tell us about what you offer in your business, Lemonade Design.

Lemonade Design is a website and brand business based in Kent.

You have a vision for your business… Let me help translate that into a website and brand that WOWS your clients!

Having a background as a photographer, I primarily work with photographers, however, I also work with many other small businesses to translate their offline business into a digital online presence.

I am committed to creating websites with WOW… websites that are bespoke, unique and exactly what you wanted. I will work closely with you to work out exactly what your business needs and what you’re trying to achieve. I am an excellent listener, and even better creative and can’t wait to make your business pop.
Let’s create something amazing together…

Why not book a 15-minute call today, it could be the best 15 minutes you give your business.

“I did it. Trust me, you need an Yvette in your life!” (Me, 2019)

Yvette is one of those people who has it sussed. As a fellow multi-hyphenate type, I really believe in making your career work for you not just the other way around.